The Rollersigns brand was conceived in 2009 after a chance meeting with the director of a large barrier and electronics company. Retractable belt barriers can be found across the globe in a multitude of places. Could they be improved? Not really. Could they be complimented & enhanced? Absolutely!

The idea was that if the function of the belt barrier was not inhibited but we could create an advertising/advisory space using the barriers then, where once there was fresh air, there would now be high impact media, without any floor cluttering.

Three years & thousands of man-hours by a dedicated team of people across the globe later Rollersigns was born!

Does Rollersigns look familiar? You may have seen it on BBC’s Dragons’ Den where the product received backing from one of the Dragons! Many years later and Rollersigns is used throughout the world’s airports, shopping centres, attractions and more! Check out our galleries to see them in action!

How Rollersigns Work

Rollersigns retrofit to not only our belt barriers, but most retractable belt barrier variations by way of our adapters. Simply pull down the banner from the cassette in the same way you would a roller blind and what was previously empty space now acts as high impact media. When not in use just retract the banner & store away the cassette against the side of the barrier. Quick, easy and clutter-free!

Unlike a standard cafe barrier one of the key benefits of Rollersigns is that the banners are interchangeable, allowing you flexibility to update the message whenever you wish. The process only takes a few minutes and is exceptionally user-friendly.

So whether it’s for way-finding messages to guide, marketing messages to entice, a highly effective queue management solution or simply a unique brand awareness tool look no further than Rollersigns!

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Connect with your visitors like never before

Reach out to a massive audience using the power of Rollersigns! 

A unique media product that retrofits & transforms 63mm – 2.5″ diameter industry standard retractable belt barriers / crowd control stanchions.

High impact media/advertising/promotional/advisory space where otherwise there would be none. Wherever there are retractable belt barriers. A Rollersigns banner cassette can compliment the barriers to create valuable media space.

Airports, movie theatres, public buildings, exhibition centres, shopping mall, sports stadium, motor sport, banks, railway stations, theme parks, and much, much more.

Now you can promote your business & generate valuable revenue with ease.


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